Cardboard cards with integrated NFC Chip

From now on Variuscard also offers highest quality, long lasting cardboard cards – even with integrated intelligence

Variuscard now offers an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic cards. Made from high quality coated cardboard, ususally used for upper class luxury packaging, these cards can be printed in highest quality with almost all features like it’s plastic brother. Wether it’s hot foil embossing, metallic print, these cards can be manufactured from 500 pcs on in high quality offset and has the standard thickness of approx. 30 mil or 0,8mm . The very durable recyclable cardboard can also be perzonalized and used in mailings or as gift card.

With a re-transfer card printer the cards can also be printed in full color on the spot for short to medium life ID-Cards (entry tickets, public transport, trade shows, visitor cards) This way you can print environmentally friendly cards starting from 1 piece.

Beside all the possibilites and print features, the cardboard cards can also be equiped with NFC chips. These “intelligent” cards can now be encoded as business cards, entry cards for access systems or visitor passes.

Questions about NFC Cardboard Cards?

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