Identity cards for Congo manufactured by VARIUSCARD

VARIUSCARD developed a solution for high-volume production of photo-identity card and received an order for the manufacturing of fraud-proof identification cards for pupils and students of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Congo with a population of almost 80 Mio people is one of the largest and strongest growing markets in the african continent. Reforms carried out during the last years supports the efforts of the government to ease the access to public education and to further increase the literacy rate within the country. Fruits of this initiative have already been achieved through a steady rising number of pupils and students.


Due to a lack of fraud proof documents and identity missuse in exams, the ministries responsible for primary schools and universities, authorized PROTECHNOVA, a Congo based company, and VARIUSCARD with the production of forgery-proofed photo-ID documents. The task was to collect the data, manufacture and deliver large volumes of high qualitative photo-IDs within a short period of time for the coming school year 2016/2017.

At the production site in Vienna, VARIUSCARD indeed manufactured and personalized more than 100.000 of these with many security elements equipped colour photo-IDs per day. In order to meet the high requirements of the ministries but also to ensure a proper identification of pupils, visible, invisible as well as forensic features and encodings have been integrated into the card lay-out.


Particularly promising is the fact that the ID-card and holders data evolves with the teenagers in time so that for future purposes it can be used as a basis for the issuing of further ID-documents like national ID-cards, driving licenses, or for verifying the identity at elections. „The collection and identification of pupils and students in our country is providing an important element to lead Congo to the modern e-Government” – says Lufunisabo Bundoki, Secretary General of ministries of education.


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VARIUSCARD, a family owned company in second generation, is specialized in the development and production of innovative plastic cards for different industries, as well as the manufacturing of high secured identification solutions for companies and governments. Besides the cards, VARIUSCARD is offering also system solutions for individuals- customers- and voucher management.