Secure identity documents – from Austria to Africa

Variuscard is part of ID4Africa, in Johannesburg, South Africa from 18th to 20th of June 2019

Also this year Variuscard is part of the ID4Africa movement and presents at the 5th annual conference in South Africa, the “SLIM ID” ID cards with sub-laminate personalization in a thickness of 0,5 mm. For inexpensive, space-saving and secure ID cards from 50,000 to 50 million pieces. The personalization under the laminate offers a perfect solution for public institutions such as public authorities, schools, universities, and other state institutions, as well as federal states or municipalities to print large numbers of badges securely, quickly, cost-effective. The ID4Africa Annual Conference 2019 is attended by ambassadors, ministers and high dignitaries from over 30 countries.