High-security polycarbonate ID cards for Embassy of Guinea Bissau in Berlin

VARIUSCARD has delivered the first polycarbonate ID cards of its own production to the Embassy of Guinea-Bissau in Berlin. The ID cards with security printing techniques such as guilloche, microscript and UV-fluorescent paint, represent the first delivery to the embassies in Europe. VARIUSCARD is characterized by the ability to produce even small runs of high-security cards, in a short time at highest quality.

Properties of polycarbonate cards

Polycarbonate is the perfect card material if cards have to be long-lasting and durable. Polycarbonate cards resist high temperatures and they are particularly resistant to scratches, have a high stability and they are very difficult to destroy. That is why polycarbonate has to be given preference over PVC for the production of secure ID cards.

Which security techniques were used

This high-security card for the Embassy of Guinea Bissau in Berlin included several security features:

Guilloche print (security pattern)

This security pattern was previously used to make banknotes counterfeit-proof and is still a popular security feature today. The guilloche pattern consists of several interwoven and overlapping lines. The individual lines form cord-like, often asymmetrical ellipses. This pattern can be copied hardly, making it more difficult to fake cards.


Micro-script can only be produced with special modern printing processes and can’t be copied by standard printing presses. The micro-script becomes legible only with the help of a magnifying glass. Micro-scripts are used for sensitive printed matter such as passports, banknotes or security cards primarly.

UV-fluorescent colors

An imprint with UV colors only becomes visible under special black light. The particles contained in the ink become charged with light and then become visible under a black light lamp. Even the imprint of UV fluorescent colors makes the falsification of ID cards and other cards more difficult.

Questions about secure ID cards?

We are here to help you with questions about secure ID cards. Call us or send us an email.

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